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We all saw the failed buccaneers 2-point play, and sources are saying that they know what Aaron Rodgers had seen on the jumbotron to give it away...

This could explain how the play was so easily broken up after the delay of game penalty. 

It was a flood pattern to the right, so it would make sense that they could defend it so easily and have so many players defending the play side as opposed to spreading out. Looking at how the packers defended this play, it's easy to say they defended it perfectly. At one point, they had 6 guys in the area of 4 receivers.

Those surface tablets once again are going to get a beating for being too complicit in a loss.

Hopefully, we can see the actual jumbotron footage and finally figure out what was seen. I know this is all Reddit hearsay, but similar statements have been floating all over Twitter and Instagram. 

Hopefully, whatever cameraman doesn't get fired, the Bucs put them in a situation where they needed a 2-pt conversion to win, the fact it all fell on that play wasn't indicative of the total loss.