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What Exactly Does White Sox Dave Do Around Here?

New episode is live from my new set up in Miami where I will be for the foreseeable future.  We talked about how that affects my schedule for Advisors and our other football shows and why I decided to do it (spoiler: because I am saving a shit ton of money). Topics: the state of the Patriots and our road to 13-4, the Ime Udoka suspension, something fishy is going on with Albert Pujols and Aaron Judge, Adam Levine's DMs, the Barstool Sportsbook is coming to Ohio, Merchapalooza, no strippers in the office, and content from the weekend I found cringey.  And we have two guests. First up is the most mysterious man at Barstool: Milmore.  How he got to Barstool, House of Stools, the maddest I ever got him, and his famous relative.  And then we had White Sox Dave on to get to the bottom of a very important question. What exactly does he do around here? 

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