Gregg Popovich Straight Up Said "Do Not Go To Vegas And Bet Us To Win The Championship"

WHAT A FUCKING QUOTE. As a gambler I really appreciate Pop being honest about his team because I will be betting against them every single chance I have. The NBA season starts in about 2 weeks and he is already forfeiting. I love an honest coach but can you imagine being a Spurs fan and hearing this, I would lose my mind. Even if your team is really shitty before the season you still convince yourself that they have a chance to be successful. You start doing mental gymnastics and by the end of it you have your team slotted as a 4 seed. Part of being a fan is being delusional about your team until it is completely clear that there are god awful. 

In this same press conference he said the only thing that motivates him is his paycheck. 



Again I love the honesty but if you are the GM you gotta be like "c'mon mannnnn, give our fans a little something to look forward to". And the thing is he's one of the best coaches of all time and hates doing this media stuff so who knows if he really means anything he says, but I'm sure he's making the front office squirm. 

On the other hand if he's being serious, the Spurs are one of the best franchises because of him but let us remember that and not hold on too long because he is already giving up. He wants to develop these players and make them the best they can be but you can't like hearing your coach before the season saying he has no belief in you what so ever. As a gambler though I wish these coaches would be this honest all the time. 

I think he is just old doesn't care what people think of him because he has accomplished everything you can accomplish as a coach so you have to respect just collecting a paycheck. And shit, what would be the point of working if not for the money? We all want to make that Tommy Smokes money, even Pop.