Netflix Dropped A Trailer For "The Watcher" Which Is The Creepiest True Story You'll Ever Read

One of those trailers that makes you go NOOOOOOOPPPPPPPEEEE. There is NOTHING scarier than human beings. That is a fact. That was the line of thinking that got me to a place where I said that the woods were scarier than the ocean. People live in the woods. People like this psychopath who sent this family letters saying that he was watching them and that they shouldn't be in that house. A true fucking story. Imagine getting a letter from someone saying that they're watching your every movement. Super fucking creepy. Maybe the creepiest. If you're going to be spying on me I don't want to know about it. Just tack it on the end of a long terms and conditions document like Zuckerberg and Bezos. Don't send me it to me on stationary in the mailbox. 

I will be watching this netflix movie even though I hate scary movies because we did a dogwalk on it way back in 2019. A two-parter. We used to do those. If you want some background on a true story the youtubes are below