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Another Vet Has Gone Viral For Posting A Video Naming The Five Dog Breeds He WOULD NOT Ever Own. And He Sucks More Than Any Of These Dogs. BONUS - I Miss My Boxer So Freaking Much...

RSVP Live - A vet in the UK has shared the surprising breeds that he would personally never own.

Taking to TikTok, Ben the Vet shared a video outlining the five breeds and why he wouldn't want to own them.

The video has gone viral since it was originally posted three days ago, garnering millions of views on the video platform.

The first dog breed that Ben wouldn't own was the Chow Chow.

The next dog was a dachshund, with Ben saying: "They're really lovely dogs, some of my favourite patients are sausage dogs, but one in four of them develop back problems in their lifetime.

Number four on his list were Shar Peis.

The final type of dog that Ben would never own would be a flat-faced breed, such as a pug or a French bulldog.

What a squeezer this guy is huh?

Just last month White Sox Dave blogged an American vet who did this, rattling off her five breeds she strongly suggests not purchasing.

She went from the obscure - Chinese Crested, to the obvious - Chihuahuas, and Pugs, to some real head-scratchers - Golden Doodles and German Shepards…

Now here comes this British vet his personal five worst -

5- Chow Chow

Giphy Images.

These dogs are assholes. Which is confusing because they are cute as fuck. They look like giant teddy bears- face and all. But they are always angry and looking to rip faces off. I attribute this to their breed being named with an extremely lazy, pretty racist name if we're being honest. But that's not their fault, it's ours. You'd always be pissed off too.

4- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Giphy Images.

Look at that face! Look at it!


These dogs are so fucking cute I can hardly stand it.

The vet himself says if he had to choose a dog breed, this would be the one, except for, wait for it, they have awful health problems- like heart disease- so they're a no go for him.

Giphy Images.

Wait a minute, isn't that your fucking job pal? Taking care of animals? 

Being a vet complaining that you don't want a dog because you don't want to deal with it getting sick is like being a hooker and complaining about giving blowjobs. You're in the wrong profession.

Plus, all dogs die too young. It's a fact of life. Possibly the cruelest of all time.

3- Shar Peis


Giphy Images.

Here's another dog that doesn't have the best temperament, but to no fault of its own.

The vet in the video here blames their demeanor on them being "too wrinkly" and always having extra skin covering their eyes. To the point their owners have to pin it back so they can see.

Do you think that's their fault? Hell no. It's the asshole breeder's faults for breeding this trait into the species. 

Which leads me to a great sidebar- if you buy your dog from a breeder or a pet store your basically funding terrorism. These people are scum of the Earth who treat their animals like commodities and cash machines, not pets. This country literally euthanized 625,000 pets last year. 6 million pets enter adoption facilities each year. You can legit find any breed under the sun, just dying to be taken into a good home, just about anywhere. You'll love yourself for it and your dog will love your for life, for saving theirs.

End of PSA.

(If you're in Chicago, an amazing group that finds dogs great homes is PAWS Chicago)

2- Dachshund

Giphy Images.

Hey man, no offense, but kindly go fuck yourself.

Weiner dogs are amazing. First off, name me a funnier-looking animal on the planet. You can't. Secondly, these things may look like genetic mutations, but they are incredibly gifted beasts. You ever seen the hops on a Dachshund? For having two inch long legs that look like stumps, they can touch the sky. It's crazy. They're also fast as fuck and can dig to China. A good Dachshund friend of mine, Kevin Rizzo, also comes from a long, long line of expert hunters. These dogs have incredible snouts and can sniff out anything from miles away. Daschounds fuck.

1- French Bulldogs and Pugs

Giphy Images.

Once again, knocking the little guy because asshole humans have bred the poor things into a myriad of health issues. 

I know several people in Chicago who have Frenchies who enjoyed amazing puppy years with them, only to watch their poor pups deteriorate as they got older. Hip and back issues, heart issues, breathing issues. It's really really sad. Dogs don't know and can't communicate what's wrong with them, they just want to play and be dogs, and when they can't, it's a cruel thing to have to watch. Personally, if I bought a dog from somebody and this happened to it, I would hunt that person down and throw them in the river. Frenchies have also been the targets of a shit ton of kidnappings and robberies the last few years which is fucked in a whole other regard. Do you know how big of a piece of shit somebody has to be to steal somebody's dog and sell it? You have to be just as big a piece of shit to buy one on the black market. (Again, adoption centers are overflowing).

In summation, this vet sucks, his list sucks, dogs are the best, and there's no such things as bad dogs- just bad owners.

I'll tell you the greatest dog breed there is. The Boxer.

Giphy Images.

Protector, friend, playful, rambunctious, best personality, beautiful. These guys and gals have it all. Just the absolute best. My good boy Dino, made it to the age of 13 (which is really old for the breed) before I had to make the hardest decision I've ever had to in my life to put him down because his hips were gone. He stuck by me through one of the toughest times in my life and was literally my best friend. I miss the hell out of him every day. We truly don't deserve dogs. 

Here's the post I wrote about him after I had to say goodbye. 

To this day he was the greatest gift I've ever received. 12 years ago I was walking down the street on my birthday towards my girlfriends and from a block away I could see his tiny face, big ears, and big paws peeking out from inside her card board box on the sidewalk. It was the first time in my life I can remember crying from being so happy.

He instantly became attached to me. And to my room mates. They loved to take him for walks around campus to attract girls & he loved it even more. He was obsessed with attention and he always got lots of it. He was an incredible looking dog and had a personality to match. I thought he was way too cool for a regular dog collar so until he outgrew it I had him wearing a gold chain (most guido thing ever) and he loved it. He was always surrounded by people and enjoyed nothing more than trying to squeeze his way in between 5 people crammed on a 4 person couch. He genuinely believed he was a lap dog.

His first time playing in the snow was a scene straight out a movie. During the winter letting him out in the back yard to go to the bathroom in the mornings before going to class he would let me know he was ready to come back inside by throwing his entire 10lb body into the back door like a wrecking ball to get my attention. It would sound like somebody was trying to kick the door down.

He was by my side through everything. Good and bad. Back in my last year of college when I was working full time clerking at the law firm during days and going to school full time nights he spent a lot of time alone in my tiny apartment in Lincoln Park. I was dirt poor and at times couldn't afford to scrounge for a big bag of his dog food so I'd have to feed him cheeseburgers off the dollar menu. He never resented me for any of it and was always as happy as could be when I would come home.

He was here with me for almost half of my life and through the highest highs and lowest lows I've experienced. He was always my constant and I could always depend on him to have his ears perked up and tail wagging like crazy when I needed a smile the most. He truly was one in a million.

Having to say good bye to him today was the right thing but the most difficult thing I hope I will ever have to do. They say a dogs only flaw is that their lives are too short. Nothing could be more true. Especially of Boxers. I was blessed that Dino outlived his breed by 2 full years. I truly know and believe he held on and stayed tough so that he could see me through this past year. These past few weeks he just didn't have it in him anymore.

He was always such a proud and regal dog. In the past few months with his body and health failing I caught looks from him at time's that made you just know he wasn't his happy self anymore. He could barely walk. He had to be carried up and down flights of stairs. Outside to go the bathroom then back inside. I could tell that he felt like he was letting me down. And it broke my heart. If you've ever loved a dog you know what I mean.

I'd like to think he went out on top today. We got to visit his favorite beach yesterday. He ate Volare meatballs and Gibson's filets all week long and this afternoon he got to have his favorite thing in the world, osso buco, before I took him in.

The vet said she couldn't believe how many people accompanied me to see Dino off. A true testament to just how much he was loved. And to how great the people in my life are. After holding him tight and telling him over and over how much I loved him the vet put him under. His heart continued to beat for a whole two minutes while I held him. I whispered 'thank you' in his ear and then he was gone. It's was a cruel trick that his back legs weren't half as strong as his heart was.

When we left to go home I felt a guilty sense of relief. I knew I did the right thing but I thought I would have felt a lot worse about it.

It didn't hit me until a little while ago when I realized my nightly routine was never going to be the same again. For the past 6 months at bedtime no matter what the time I would go upstairs and bring Max, my 2 yr Boston Terrier. He would go in my room and stand by the door looking down the stairs waiting like a statue until our best friend Dino was up there with him. Tonight he just slunked over to his dog bed, curled up in a ball, closed his eyes and let out a big sigh.

After getting Max up to my bedroom I would go back downstairs where Dino would be waiting and I'd carry him up like a baby in my arms. Every night I'd carry him I'd be whispering to him teasing "What would you do without me Dean?"

It didn't occur to me until tonight that I don't know I'm going to do without him.

I love you Dino. Thank you & rest in peace amigo.

p.s. - If you're wondering where to begin to find a pooch to adopt, here's a great resource - The Anti-Cruelty Society

p.p.s. - one of my favorite dog stories ever involves my friend and business partner Bobby. For years since I met him, he was a no dogs guy because of really bad allergies. Couldn't be in my house for more than 5 minutes without getting really bad congestion, sneezing, and eye swelling. Was terrible. Could also never have dogs growing up. So he never really understood it. Well, he's got two awesome daughters, that as they got older, pressured the hell out of him about getting a puppy. They did the research, presented presentations, and lobbied to get their mom on board. 3-1 he knew he stood no chance so one Christmas he caved in and they got the girls a puppy they named Stache. He's a poodle mix so he's hypoallergenic (the girls did their research), and he's is awesome. Tons of energy, such a happy and playful dog. He was an awesome addition to their family. Fast forward a couple of years and they've since got a second, and Bobby is captain of Team Dog now. He's always walking them, playing fetch, and wrestling with them. He even almost caved this past holiday season and gave in to getting a third. (I think he'll break this year). Just another convert in a long, long line of people dogs have won over by just being dogs.