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France/Poland's U18 Match Was Suspended Because A French Player Headbutted The Shit Out Of A Dude (And France Got Too Many Red Cards)

[Source] - FRANCE U18's match against Poland has been ABANDONED after the side were reduced to seven men.

Saint-Etienne youngster Darnell Bile saw the final red for a horror tackle and nasty headbutt. 

As it was the hosts FOURTH dismissal, the referee was forced to scrap the remainder of the game and award Poland the win.

French youth players ilyes Housni, Jeanuel Belocian and Malang Gomis were all sent off in the 55th, 61st and 72nd minutes respectively.

Then it was finally cancelled in the 74th minute at Limoges during the Lafarge Foot Avenir Tournament showcase, with the Eagles 3-2 up.

What the hell is up with French soccer dudes and headbutts? There's the most famous one: 

Giphy Images.

And now this. Not only this but they had to scrap the game because France was down to 7 players. Frankly, I think you should have to finish the match. No player minimum on the field or anything like this. See how many more French dudes get sent off. 

But let's focus on the headbutt for a second. It's a CRAZY move. There's so much that can go wrong. If someone headbutts you, run, if you can. I don't ever want to fuck around with a guy who goes to a headbutt immediately. Sure the tackle was dirty as hell but the headbutt? That's how you know you have a bit of psycho on the other side. At least slap first, let me know you want to scrap. Going promptly to the headbutt means get this person inside the octagon. 

He goes head to face too. Please don't ever headbutt me in the face. At least hit my chest and let me get the wind knocked out. But in the face? I prefer not to break my nose or anything like that. Too many things go wrong there. Shockingly not a flop either. That was a clean headbutt.