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WATCH: Texas Tech Coach Joey McGuire's Speech After Beating Texas Will Have You Ready to Run Through a Brick Wall

Joey McGuire rocks.

In what looks like it could be a great first season for McGuire in Lubbock, Texas Tech got its second win against a ranked opponent this season when the Red Raiders took down Texas on Saturday. After the win, McGuire gave the best speech I've heard from a coach so far this season. I don't care about Texas Tech at all and I'm fired up.

This has to kill Texas fans, too. The one thing you have to cling to in a situation like that — losing to an in-state rival that you view as a "little brother" — is saying it's their Super Bowl as they dance on your grave. And McGuire only even acknowledged Texas to say that beating it was only meaningful because it meant the Red Raiders were 1-0 in the Big 12. Pain.

I don't know if Texas Tech is going to be competing for a College Football Playoff spot as long as the field is at four teams, but I like the cut of Joey McGuire's jib. It seems like TTU found the right guy.