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UPDATE: Turns Out It Was One Of The Thousands Of Tremendous Eagles Fans At FedEx Field Who Just Wanted To Give Jalen Hurts A Free Beer

Earlier today I wrote a blog about an alleged Washington Commanders fan being a classic scumbag Washington fan and launching a half-full beer at Jalen Hurts as he ran into the tunnel after torching the Commanders defense all afternoon. Well...upon further review, it appears that may not be the case. 

Turns out that it was just one of the thousands of Eagles fans who completely took over FedEx Field yesterday, and he just wanted to thank Jalen Hurts for his MVP-like performance by delivering him a crispy ice cold beer. After yesterday's game, Jalen Hurts became the first player with at least 900 passing and 100 rushing yards through the first 3 games of the season since 1950. Has he played against the greatest competition in the world? Not necessarily. But he's taking advantage of some brutal defenses and putting up historic numbers. That's exactly what you'd expect out of your franchise quarterback. And when your guy is putting up those kind of numbers, you want to be able to express your gratitude. Life in Philadelphia is so much better when the Eagles are winning. So the least you can do is give the man a delicious adult soda. Just ask Kelce and Mailata. 

So in closing, I apologize for thinking that Washington fans would have enough life left in them to even throw a beer at Jalen Hurts in the first place. Hand up, that's on me. I have to imagine every Commanders fan was out of the building after Wentz got sacked for the 6th time anyway. 

Go Birds.