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It's Official: The Bears Offense Is HISTORICALLY Bad

Big Cat summed it up perfectly there. The Bears have ZERO passing game. None. The most concerning thing is that they aren't even trying with any real effort to run an NFL offense. It looks like all play-action bootlegs. Giving the QB half field reads because when there are full field dropbacks you get this

St Brown running WIDE open up the sideline. You can say that the safety came over and he would've been on St Brown if the ball went that way. That is possible. That would've been a throw into single coverage instead of double though and he never even looked at St Brown so there's that. There was also this

How many guys were open on this play? I counted 3 at the time he released the ball. Kmet on the out to the near side. Top of the screen guy in the flat. Top of the screen guy bending out at the 40 yard line. 

I want to believe in Fields. I do. The rational/optimistic thought in my brain is that we are talking about a kid in his 3rd game in a new regime. A guy who is still only 23 years old. A guy who has elite physical tools. That this was always supposed to be a rebuilding year and these things take time. 

Then I see the Big Cat clip and these numbers


I've seen better passing statistics in the Upstate-8. The Bears are getting HS passing numbers because they're running a HS offense. Run the ball. Hope for the best when you are forced to throw it. 

The craziest thing is that the Bears somehow have a winning record right now. Their next three games are against the Giants, Vikings, and Commanders. It's not inconceivable that the Bears could be 4-2 after that stretch. Not bad for a rebuilding year through 6 weeks. Having said that…I'd rather the Bears have a losing record with a passing game that looks competent. Maybe we will get there as the year goes along. I am in the market for hope. The Bears haven't been selling it this year though.