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Fortnite Battle Royale Turns 5 Years Old Today! Let's Take A Look At Some Of The Best Moments

5 years ago, the gaming world got blessed by getting Fortnite Battle Royale. It was such a unique game. Free to play, cross platform and last man/squad alive won the entire game. It gave us adrenaline rushes like we've never seen before. There hasn't been a time in gaming quite like it since. Peak Warzone was somewhat similar, but absolutely nothing can live up to OG Fortnite.

Let's take a look at some of the best Fortnite clips/moments, which to be honest is a huge reason Barstool Gametime caught on like it did. Shout out to General Smitty and the 957,892 consecutive losses for making all this possible.

Ninja's 1Hp Revolver:

TFue's Hunting Rifle Clip:

Ninja Playing With Drake

Smitty's First Win

What's there to say about the General that hasn't been said by people in text chains? I kid. This was a legitimate moment in not only Gametime or Barstool but also gaming since the Smitty Fail videos were and still are incredible to watch.

Nickmercs Vs Aydan in Tilted Towers

Ninja, Drake, Travis Scott and Juju Smith-Schuster Squad Up:

This was a huge moment that was talked about for a while on Barstool Radio (RIP). It still reads like a Mad Lubs all these year later.

Aydan and Smitty Trick Barstool HQ

Bugha Winning The World Cup