'It's A Tattoo On His Career' - Kyle Brandt Easily Had The Dumbest, Lamest Take About Ken Dorsey Losing His Shit Yesterday

I'm sorry, I must have missed where Ken Dorsey dropkicked a puppy after kidnapping it from a bunch of kids. Because that's surely what had to happen for Kyle Brandt to take this stance right? We're talking about that and not Ken Dorsey losing his mind because of bad decision making a loss to the Dolphins? 

I even like Kyle Brandt. I think he's one of the better analysts out there, but it's clear he either 1) doesn't know how the Internet works or 2) tries way too hard to make a statement. Yes we will 100% use this video as a live action meme (shout out VinDog) but no one actually cares. No one is upset that Ken Dorsey lost his shit. We're talking about football. What coach hasn't lost his shit? What coach hasn't flipped out? Think about how old Lombardi is and every single human uses the 'what the hell is going on out there' gif/video. That's all it is. 

Even Ochocinco knows

Give me a dude like Dorsey losing his shit every day of the week over someone like Hackett. I don't need a robot. I need someone with emotion. It's football! Lose your shit. Yell at players. It's what you're supposed to do.