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Rico Overreactions: NFL Week 3

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1- The Bills Clock Management Is The Worst In The NFL 

The end of the game for the Bills was a doozy. They got a little too cute running a play towards the middle and couldn't get out of bounds. 

Ken Dorsey went BONKERS. 

This was AFTER the Bills screwed up the clock before the half and left points on the board. All time blunders. Maybe everyone was a tad too quick to anoint Buffalo as Super Bowl Champions. Everyone in this league has a flaw, Buffalo showed today they had one. The good news it's that it's a small one, and Buffalo will still be fine, but it goes to show everyone is human in this league. 

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2- The "Really Good, and Really Deep" AFC West Is Actually Massively Overrated 

Coming into the year The AFC West was considered maybe the best division in football. 

The Chiefs lose to the lowly Colts, but if we're talking long term, I still trust them the most. However - the Colts stink and that loss was ugly. 

The Broncos won last night with a JV softball game score 11-10, and are averaging… ready for this? 14.3 points per game!!! Their offense looks shitty, their coach looks lost A LOT. Denver isn't wowing me and I think they have no true threat to make a run in the AFC and could even miss the playoffs. 

The Chargers when Herbert is healthy can be great however he looks beat up and it showed yesterday with a thrashing from the Jags. The question is will Herbert stay healthy? 

The Raiders are winless. That magical offense of McDaniels, Carr and Adams? It's still not enough to collect a win. I think the Raiders can still be pesky and turn the offense around, but 0-3 essentially ends your playoff hopes. 

The division that was once going to potentially get four playoff teams is now looking at maybe just one? Interesting turn of events. 

3- The Playoffs Will Have A Florida Flare 

The Dolphins and Jaguars in the playoffs? Sure looks like it. Miami won a weird one against the Bills despite getting out-gained by 285 yards, and the Bills ran 90 offensive plays to the Dolphins 39, and punting the ball into a players asshole.

The AFC has opened up a little bit and you have to consider the Dolphins a legit contender for a playoff spot. 

The Jaguars throttle the Chargers and if not for two Wentz bombs in Week 1, could be undefeated as well. They look like a playoff team. It's early but who looks better over 3 weeks, The Colts or The Jags? The Jags are still +240 to win the division on The Barstool Sportsbook

4- The Eagles Have Secured The Super Bowl

This is overreactions right? Or is this an elaborate ruse to reverse jinx a division rival and help my G-Men? 

Even with the division rivalry, the Eagles look good, real good. Averaging 28.7 ppg, Hurts looks great, the WR core looks terrific, and The Eagles have beat up on the Vikings, and Commanders in back to back weeks. 

I have said the NFC isn't super deep so there's no reason the Eagles can't work their way into a first round bye if they keep playing like this. 

5- Mac Jones Getting Hurt Could Open The Door To Bailey Zappe's Hall Of Fame Career 

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Mac Jones went down with high ankle sprain. It sucks. Don't root for injuries, and don't root for injuries on young players. 

Brian Hoyer will likely be the starter, however the future of the Pats is their third string QB. 

Bailey Zappe of Western Kentucky. 

You may laugh, but remember Tom Brady was a 6th round pick and literally changed this franchise into a juggernaut. Is it out of this world to think a 4th round selection with a rocket arm will be the next chapter? 

I sure don't. 

Back next week with more overreactions.