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RIP Bozo: The NFL Is Killing The Pro Bowl And Replacing It With A Flag Football Game + A Skills Competition

Today we say goodbye to a pillar of the NFL being destroyed by the ruthless dictator Roger Godell as he continues to ruin football if not the entire world one proclamation at a time.




Okay, let's be honest. Nobody is going to shed a tear or even a frown about the Pro Bowl being gone considering the best part of it was seeing coaches like Andy Reid dress up in their finest Hawaiian back when the game was in Honolulu

But I think after last year's game, it had to be killed. I remember stumbling onto the game and being legitimately confused if it was a two hand touch game or tackle.

Clearly a slight change from back in the day when the game was played with men without a concern for CTE or debilitating injuries to the point Sean Taylor was handing out decapitations like the executioner in King's Landing.

Despite all the pillow play and constant complaining about how much it sucked, the Pro Bowl always crushed in the ratings because us Americans have a crippling addiction to football.

I'm sure the skills competition will be fun for at least the first round before it becomes repetitive like every other All-Star skills competition, the flag football game will have more contact than last year's game along with some brain bending highlights by the superfreaks that play in the NFL, and everything being in Vegas will almost definitely lead to some crazy shit going down. 

But there will be something weird about not having the Pro Bowl and all the stories that came from it.

What an absolute legend. God I miss him.

For all the Pro Bowl purists out there, I included an old game with, and I quote, an electric ending.