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THIS LEAGUE: Jerry Jeudy Celebrated The Broncos Win By Mocking Shannon Sharpe And Telling Him His Breath Smells Like Ass

The Broncos, man. I can't think of a team this year that has the combo of being painfully boring and flat out bad. That's what they are. Spare me that they are 2-1. They've played the Seahawks, Texans and Jimmy G. Not exactly murderers row. Some of it is the fact that Nathaniel Hackett is just a garbage coach. Seriously the dude stinks. Someone tell him that Javonte Williams is his best offensive player and the offense actually looks legit with him out there. Some of it is the fact Russ looks like shit. Some of it is the offensive line. So I get where Jeudy is coming from. I mean he was hurt a week ago, so can't really blame him there. But he's got one of the rare touchdowns for the Broncos this season. 

Now here's my problem. The deleted tweet. You can't delete it and then follow it up with this: 

You're not the bigger man! You said it. Own it. Embrace it. It's a great line. Telling Shannon Sharpe he talks the entire season and his breath smells like ass is perfect. It's fucking hilarious. Just go all the way back to being on the recess yard and keep tweeting jokes at Sharpe. I mean if Sharpe has a platform to go on TV and rant about whatever he wants, players have the right to do the same via Twitter or interviews. I have no problem with it. 

Speaking in 3rd person always plays

The Broncos man. What a fucking disaster despite somehow being 2-1.