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One Of The 250 Scumbag Washington Fans At FedExField Yesterday Launched Beer At Jalen Hurts After QB1 Completely Dismantles The Commies

Thank god that wasn't a fistful of snow directed towards a drunken Santa Claus 70 years ago. Could you imagine the horror? Fortunately it was just a 75% full tall boy of Bud Light that could have done some significant damage to one of the most exciting quarterbacks in the NFL right now had that hit him in the head. (Sidenote: Brutal look for Washington fans. What kind of nerd doesn't finish their beer by the end of the game?)

This is just a classic case of this moronic Washington fan being mad at the wrong thing. I feel like if you were an actual fan of that franchise, you would refuse to buy tickets to these games. Help put a little financial pressure on that asshole Dan Snyder to sell the team. Because until that happens, it'll be the same old story for Commie fans. The stadium fucking sucks, the team is somehow worse, the owner is one of the biggest pieces of shit in sports, and your O-line falls apart quicker than the railings heading into the tunnel. 

If you should be throwing half-full beers at anyone, it should be Dan Snyder. It should be the O-line. It should be the defense that was getting torched by the likes of Skinny Batman all afternoon. 

Getting mad and throwing a beer at Jalen Hurts is like getting mad that the sun rises in the morning. He did exactly what was supposed to happen. The Eagles are good, the Commanders are dog shit. Jalen Hurts is good, Carson Wentz refuses to change. The Eagles were always going to shit pump Washington in this game, just the same was as FedEx Field pumps shit onto their own fans. 

Luckily there weren't many Washington fans in the building to begin with.


All in all, Jalen Hurts avoided another disaster exiting the field in Washington yesterday despite Washington fans being a bunch of scumbags. For that, I'm thankful. Because Jalen Hurts is good, and now the whole world knows it. 

Go Birds.