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Trey Lance Haters Can Down A Warm Glass Of SHUT THE HELL UP After The Egg Jimmy G Laid In Sunday's Prime-Time Loss At Denver

Everyone trying to say Trey Lance is such a shitty quarterback and that the San Francisco 49ers were psychotic to even entertain the idea of moving off Jimmy Garoppolo can fuck right the hell off.

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Yeah I'm a little hot right now because I needed the Niners to cover -1.5 to hit a big two-way parlay but that's beside the point. I'm not quite Ken Dorsey levels of rage monster right now but I'm close. 

George Kittle was back in the lineup. You have Deebo Freaking Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk as well. How you can't even generate a hint of a competent passing attack whilst operating a Kyle Shanahan scheme in your umpteenth year in the system is BEYOND ME.

Does anyone remember that Lance was going to start over Jimmy G in 2021 before the former fractured his right index finger? Oh you don't? Allow me to remind you.

How much of a red flag is it that, after leading your team to a Super Bowl berth and two NFC title game appearances, that they're still willing to move off you in favor of one of the rawest, biggest project QB prospects in NFL history? That should tell you all you need to know about Jimmy Garoppolo.

When "Dan Orlovsky" is trending and it's in reference to you? Probably not a good sign. Take a good glimpse at this sick fuck:

Look, Jimmy G can be as good-looking and well-liked in the locker room as he wants. Doesn't detract from the fact that he's a motherfucking statue in the pocket, can't hit the broadside of a barn from 0-10 yards for the most part and generally sucks. Once he went off scripted plays, Garoppolo looked like he had no ever-loving clue what the hell to do.

Blame Jeff Wilson all you want for this fumble on the last drive. Firstly, Jimmy G took an atrocious sack on the previous play to back up San Francisco deep in Broncos territory. Driving for a winning field goal was a tall task as it was. Additionally, peep at how just nightmarish and horrendous this decision was by Garoppolo on the possession before:

What. The. Fuck. Are. You. Looking. At!? That's into at least double-and-maybe-triple coverage! What a decision to make with everything at stake. Game on the line. Wow super clutch there, Jimmy G. Good job, bro.

I can't believe I bet on this dude. I hate him. He's such trash. It pisses me off almost equally as much that Russell Wilson's fake ass and his MORONIC head coach Nathaniel Hackett are somehow a 2-1 football team. Give me a fucking break.

Uhh yeah but 49ers fans and anti-Trey Lance advocates keep talking yourself into how amazing Jimmy G is and just give up on a QB with infinitely more upside, arm strength and dual-threat ability than your golden boy who shits the bed on the big stage time and again just when you think you can count on him.

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