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The Guardians Champagne Celebration Was An Electric Factory Full Of Receipts Kept And Shots At The White Sox

Goggles on. Cigar in one hand, bottle of champagne in the other. 63 years old. And a big ol' "WAY TO F*CKIN GO" from the best manager in baseball. Not only would I run through a brick wall for Tito Francona, I would also die for him. And so would his players.

Yes, I'm sure you're all about to point out the the Guardians division clinching champagne popping yesterday had a striking resemblance to a World Series celebration, but I for one think they deserve it. This isn't the Timbewolves celebration a Play-In game victory like they won the Finals, this is a team that was given ZERO chance of making the playoffs winning their division by a million games with two weeks still to go. And when I say zero chance, I literally mean zero. Watch this Receipts Kept video the Guardians social team posted last night.

That is a cinematic masterpiece. Everyone involved in the making of that video should get a raise, and everyone involved in the AL Central predictions from that video should be fired. I know I said yesterday I was done talking about the White Sox because I'm only focusing on playoff teams, but it seems like one more day wouldn't hurt anyone. Besides, they are all the Guardians players wanted to talk about last night.

Well deserved. The White Sox, from their fans to their players to their bloggers, talked far too much trash this year to be an under .500 team with 3x the payroll of the AL Central Champions.

This is too funny when you realize how hyped up the White Sox crew was compared to how bad the White Sox season has been. But winners write the history books, and the Guardians social team is doing a damn good job of setting the narrative straight.