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LeBron Has Inquired About Playing College Football And Ohio State’s AD Has Offered To Help Him

Ha, okay LeBron. You have career earnings of $528,992,480 just from professional basketball alone, with a net worth of over a billion dollars. You think the NCAA is going to allow you to hold you AMATUER status? The NCAA might begrudgingly be allowing athletes to get paid a couple bucks here and there through NIL, but they’re not letting someone who has brought in an estimated $900 MILLION from endorsement deals and business ventures suit up. No chance.

Oh shit, Gene Smith, Athletic Director of the most powerful university in the world and one of the most notable leaders in his profession, says it’s possible. In fact, he’s served on the NCAA Committee on Infractions. This man knows what he’s talking about. And not only does he say it’s possible, he says he’ll help LeBron.

I mean, JR Smith got cleared to golf. What’s the difference? LITERALLY, what’s the difference? LeBron never went to college. Sure, he can’t suit up and play in March Madness, but why can’t he play football? And everyone knows his dream was to be a Buckeye, so there’s really no question where he’d go.

Could you imagine? LeBron and Bronny sitting in Bio 101 next Fall together. Bronny getting ready for his freshman season as they most hyped (off the court) collegiate athlete of all time, and Bron getting ready to catch 5 passes for 13 yards and 5 TD as the red zone Tight End on Saturdays. I’m trying to be realistic here. I understand that LeBron is probably past the point in his life where he’s going to take hits over the middle, but why can’t he go up for goal line fades and catch jump balls? Won't even get touched. And he'd immediately become the best Tight End of all time. I mean, this is our current guy, and he caught two touchdowns this week vs. Wisconsin.

No disrespect to Cade Stover, but LeBron James is 6’9 and 275 pounds. All jokes aside, if Stover is catching touchdowns, LeBron would probably win the Heisman. 

And let me say this: it is not a 0% chance here. I'm not saying it's a 1% chance, or even anywhere close to that, but it is not a 0% chance. LeBron's a weirdo. All it takes is one person in his camp to agree with him that it's a good idea and the wheels will be in motion here. You know he is enamored with the idea of playing basketball with his son, so I'm sure he'd jump at the idea of taking a class with him. The question is if he wants to do this, because he 100% has to be allowed to. JR Smith did the same exact thing.