The Dolphins Fan Yelling "Enjoy The Flight Home" At Bills Fans After Yesterday's Game SUCKSSSS

I completely agree with Dave here what the fuck are you doing dude. The Dolphins won you can go crazy rooting for your team I am all for that. Going into peoples faces yelling at them enjoy the flight home you are the biggest loser. 

First of all these people probably just live in Miami so they just have to drive home and who do you think you are pumping your chest after the game. I love that passion but that Bills fan or any Bills fan had the right to mack him straight in his throat because he was just being an asshole. A very funny wrinkle in the story is that this guy weirdly lended a jersey to spider and Dave when they were in Miami once. 

What are the chances that this is the guy who helped out Spider?

The worst part about is social media is that people just film themselves doing mean shit and annoying stuff to just go viral and he went viral for the wrong reason. Can you imagine watching that video and just being like man that guy is cool? The Dolphins haven't been good in so long their fans just completely forgot how to act. 

I am sure he'll be on social media this week and apologize. But this guy just absolutely sucks. Don't go in peoples faces screaming because people will smack the shit out of you.  

Also the guy he yelled at looked so sad after a horrible loss and is just so nice. This Dolphins fan was lucky he was nice because again if he does that to the wrong Bills fan he is in trouble and will be going through a table or 10.