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Buccaneers Limp To Heartbreaking Finish In Loss To Packers And I Almost Lost It On Big Cat

Chris O'Meara. Shutterstock Images.

The Buccaneers started off with a field goal on their opening drive, but weren't able to really do anything else in the 1st half aside from that. The Packers were 5-7 on 3rd down in the 1st half and were driving to put this in blowout territory when the Defense stepped up.

And momentum started to turn. Unfortunately, the Buccaneers turned it over on the ensuing possession and went into halftime down 14-3. 

In the 2nd Half, the team did a great job making adjustments and held the Packers to 0 points and 1/8 on 3rd downs.The Bucs weren't able to really capitalize on Offense scoring only 3 points until the final minutes. But with the score 14-6 and Tom Brady driving down the field, the game was far from over.

In fact, they drove it down all the way inside the 10 yard line to get 1st and Goal. The clock was an issue as they had 1 timeout left and didn't want to leave Aaron Rodgers too much time, but they were able to score with just 14 seconds left.

It would appear things were like they were great, but the Bucs somehow got a delay of game coming out of the review. That moved the ball from the 2 to the 7 yard line which wasn't a welcome change. It looked like they were going to run the ball from the 2, a decision which I fully supported, but from the 7 that was not an option. Brady's pass fell incomplete as a Linebacker tipped it to make a great play.

As far as the tiff that was caught on camera at the end of the game with myself and my buddy Big Cat, I stand by my actions and he stands by his. He needed the Bucs to win for the final leg of his Can't Lose Parlay to hit. But was negging me the whole game and had told me for an hour plus that the Bucs would score and lose by missing the 2-point conversion. So in that case, #BigCatWasRight. It's just not exactly what I wanted to hear at that time, or the hour leading up to it. I'm a positive person and I didn't want that energy. But I understand his side, and I think he understands mine.


The Bucs move to 2-1 and will face the Chiefs next Sunday night. There is a potential hurricane headed their way on Wednesday, so hopefully everyone in Tampa stays safe. Wishing everyone good fortune and Go Bucs!