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As they should have. But it's still awesome to see the boys come through. Internationals threw damn near everything they had at the Americans. Those dudes were down deep early this week and battled so hard to make things interesting. Had an awesome and memorable Saturday to cut into the lead and at some points had the upper hand in the matches today. There were moments where if the matches had ended right then and there, it would have been a narrow 15.5 to 14.5 American win, and there were a good handful of matches they could have further turned their direction. Cannot say enough about the way that International squad battled.

But the Americans proved to be too good. Far too good. They made tons of big time putts on the back 9 today to take back what was theirs. The boys are continuing to clean up points to get to a final tally and for most of the guys the celebration is on. Can't wait for the content that'll come from that.

It's another great day for American golf.