Ken Dorsey Going Ballistic And Losing His Shit After The Bills Lost Is Easily The Highlight Of Week 3

I know what some might be thinking here and yes it's that Ken Dorsey. The quarterback of one of the greatest college football teams of all time. I didn't know he had it in him. I love it. Show some emotion, Ken! Get fired up that you lost to the Dolphins because you ran out of time. I think he even broke the camera? Tough to tell at the end if that was him or not. Regardless, I'm giving him credit for it. He gets 1 broken computer on his record which is hilarious considering this news came out earlier today: 


What a weird game. We had the Bills score right away and look like the Bills. Then it all went to shit. Allen never looked super comfortable, Diggs wasn't going for 14 catches and 150 yards. We even had Tua randomly come back after a concussion back injury: 

We even had the ass punt to give the Bills a chance to win! 

All that leading to the Bills not being able to clock it because McKenzie was still inbounds after a catch. Brutal. That's why Ken Dorsey losing his shit is happening. Can't wait for the forced apology.