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NEIGH!!! Colts are BACK! Colts are FINE! The Road to 9-7-1!

NEIGH!!!! The Indianapolis Colts are 1st place in the AFC South. Kind of. Actually they're in 2nd place behind the 1-1 Jaguars. Why is 1-1 a better record than 1-1-1? Doesn't matter. Colts are back. I could have sworn their season was over a week ago, but turns out it hasn't even begun. 

After a highly embarrassing Week 1 tie to the Houston Texans, I penned a blog letting everyone know that the Colts were fine. Then they went out in Week 2 and put up a goose egg (0 points) against the Jacksonville Jaguars. I did not write a blog after that, because I was no longer sure they were fine. 0-1-1 heading into a Week 3 matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs is scary place to be. 

Plus I had it on good authority that the Colts were "booty"


People got in my head. The internet got in my head. Putting up zero points against the Jaguars got in my head. I was starting to think the Colts might not win 8-10 games this season and barely make the playoffs. That's so ridiculous to say out loud. ThE cOLts mIgHt nOt bE sLiGhTly abOvE .500. Lmao. That's so dumb. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, the Colts will surely rise to the top of the AFC South. They might not end up on top, but they're going to be floating around there until the end of the season

Week 2 has got to be the biggest overreaction week of the year. Once you've seen a team play twice you think you know what they're all about, but realistically, nobody knows anything after Week 2. I suppose it's true that teams who start 0-2 make the playoffs at a shockingly low rate, but 2 games isn't enough of a sample size to know shit. Teams that seem great now will end up sucking. Teams that suck now will end up being pretty good. The Colts had a terrible start, but they're a fine team. They always have been and always will. If the Chargers can take care of the Jags today (which isn't looking great so far), then the Colts will "officially" be 1st place in the AFC South. That's a playoff team.

Being 1st place in the AFC South with a 1-1-1 record is the most AFC South thing of all time. We're officially on the road to 9-7-1. Giddy up. Neigh.