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Let's Check In On The Jets...Annnnnd We Have Quinnen Williams Getting Into A Screaming Match With A Coach!

Welp it appears the Jets are doing Jets stuff again after last week's ridiculous win against the Browns. Down against the Bengals early and doing the type of stuff that probably has Manish Mehta beating his dick dreaming of the type of headlines he'd be writing about if he was still cashing checks to stir up shit like Littlefinger.

I also know that stuff like this happens every single week as gigantic competitive superhumans battle other gigantic competitive  superhumans with glory and millions of dollars on the line. But it always seem like the Jets are the ones getting caught in 4K as everything goes down. I mean there is not another NFL franchise that this could happen to.

Also no offense to the coach in this video that could kick my ass with one hand tied behind his back. But he wanted noooooo part of Quinnen Williams. I don't even want a part of Quinnen Williams from behind my computer screen to the point I triple checked I spelled his name correctly in this blog so he didn't come after me, even though I feel like we are brothers from another mother.

*Not the speed part. I'm quick but not fast. Very different.

UPDATE: In the interest of fairness, a player and coach on the anti-Jets just got into a slightly less animated screaming match