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GIMME WARS: Justin Thomas Could Not Have Been More Annoyed That Si Woo Kim Did Not Give Him This Putt

JT nottttttt happy about Si Woo making him putt what shot tracer has down as a 2 foot, 7 incher. Quite offended, actually. Love a little golf petty war on a Prezzy Cup Sundee.

Here's the thing though, and the video above doesn't really capture it. Si Woo was virtually out of the hole. He had about 6 feet left for par, while JT had 17 feet for eagle. JT was in a position where he had 2 putts to win the hole and all he had to do was lag it close. He blew it 2 feet, 7 inches past, probably because he was trying to make the eagle and send a statement. So how is Si Woo in the wrong there? His team is down deep and he was staring down a 2-hole deficit in his own match. He's gotta take every opportunity left, as small as they are, to try to make up some ground. Plus I'm sure he wanted to make his 6-footer to build some confidence (which he did). 

Guys are trying to compete out here. Guys are trying to win. I'm sure this is just JT trying to spark some motivation and energy out there by stirring the pot and I appreciate that a lot but come on man. You'd do the exact same as Si Woo in that spot. As would any of these guys.