Pardon My Take's Football Guy Of The Week Nominees: Week 4

Congratulations to the App State Coaching staff! 

Little bittersweet after losing to JMU this weekend but their innovative motivation tactics helped them get a win vs. Troy.

1. 21-year-old Nuclear Terrorist, Utah 

We have talked at length about this football gal on the podcast, but this is an incredible story about college, nuclear reactors, Yik Yak, and the police taking preventative action to prevent terrorism. All in the name of football.

2. Baylor Coaches

Dave Aranda and his staff were just Guys being dudes. Slappin ass and hyping up the boys, nothing better than getting a palmfull right before kickoff. No better way to get buzzin. 

3. Ken Dorsey, OC Buffalo Bills

Ken Dorsey is not a psychopath.

…He's just a football guy. 

4. Trey Benson RB, Florida State


Even though this is a weekly tradition, there was something about this week's smash after beating Boston College 44-14 where this smash seemed extra football guy. 

Throwback football Guy of the Week:

Mike Pantazis, Bears Fan

I have been saving bringing back throwback football guy of the week for a down week, which across the board, many think this weekend of NFL football was mid. But this story is insane. This guy when viral back when the internet didn't exist; he even ended up on Letterman (Old late night talkshow host that I don’t know if many of our young readers remember) and said his catch was only made possible from the 12 beers he chugged on the train to the game. They don’t build them like they used to #footballguy.