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Miami Was Such A Disaster Yesterday That Fans Are Dreaming Of The Days When They Beat The Shit Out Of Each Other In The Stands

Yikes. This is what the crowd looked like yesterday:

I mean it's not shocking when Miami got its ass kicked by Middle Tennessee State and a hurricane is going on. But, come on. Get your shit together in the stands. At least show up for a top-25 team. 

Then there was the game. You have Tyler Van Dyke getting benched after all the hype, which is about as low as it gets. You have fans calling for Mario Cristobal's job already. You gave up over 500 total yards. There's no hope with Miami. Fans are dreaming of when home games looked like this

I still don't understand how Miami is so irrelevant. You shouldn't have any problem recruiting the best of the best. They never should have stopped being cool or good. I mean you had one of the greatest teams of all-time in 2001. You still had big names, recruiting and all that throughout the 2000s. Was Randy Shannon that bad? Did Larry Coker need that much help? Throw in Al Golden, Manny Diaz and March Richt. I just don't get it. Miami should always be decent. 

I digress though. I've just always had a soft spot for Miami. This is about the fight. Of course jorts are involved. Sweet chain too on the pants. Shout out jnco back in the day. But really you just can't get into this sort of scrap and talk shit as your buddy is carrying you away like a petulant child. He's getting thrown into timeout, which is never a good look. Incredible look with the polo too. Classy yet ready to get into a scrap at any moment.

Did I use an old video to talk about how bad Miami is? Yep. Little blogging school trick