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Football Hardos Are Freaking Out That ESPN IS Cutting To Every Aaron Judge At Bat

Reags is one of those people who just hate the Yankees so they just want to be mad. Everyone just want to complain about something these days who ever complains about more sports on your tv? I get it if you hate the team nut just saying football is on no one cares you are just a loser, a ton of people care. 

However this particular play was an insane move. You can't be changing to his at bat in the middle of a play. Wait for the play to be over and you can do a split screen. Everyone saying you don't care about baseball shut the fuck up. We get it you just love football and nothing else. It is Week 4 of college football and spoiler alert I can tell you the result of the season with Alabama, Ohio State or Georgia winning it all. It is the same shit every single year. 

It is one at bat. You can handle watching history happen where this isn't going to happen again for a while unless Judge does it again next year. I feel like people think it is cool to just hate on everything. Why can't we all just appreciate someone who is breaking history and having one of the best seasons we have seen in a long time?

I bet on the Texas Tech game I understand completely. I love football just as much as everyone else but we can watch one at bat. Take away that I am a Yankees fan it almost adds a little excitement like its Red Zone.

I think cutting to it during the middle of a play is fair to freakout but the amount of people that are so mad every time they cut to him need to relax. If this happened during the NFL the world would crash and burn not to mention Judge just needs to hit the home run already. Pujols doing it now puts all the pressure on him and people will keep talking about it and if he doesn't hit it we will never hear the end of it.

Appreciate greatness everyone. It’s okay to root for something cool in sports. (If this was a Red Sox or a Met I would not be rooting for it and saying nobody cares about baseball).