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According To Bussin With The Boys, Taylor Lewan Is Out For The Year

Tough news here for one of the best left tackles in football as his own podcast is reporting that Taylor Lewan is out for the season. Anytime you have a non-contact knee injury it's cause for concern and that is what we saw Monday night when Lewan went down. He just seemed to kind of fall and you knew it wasn't good. Reports during the week seemed positive, they said he was walking without a limp, no crutches, nothing. Barstool's own Will Compton even reported that he was going to LA to get a second opinion, no limp in the airport either, did take a massive dump though.

It's a tough break for Lewan as this may have been his last play as a Titan. He isn't a spring chicken anymore, 31 years-old and has battled injuries the past 3 seasons and a PED suspension. Hasn't played a full 16 since 2017 and the Titans can save $14.8 Million if he's cut next year, that seems like what the plan will be.

It sucks because when he was healthy he was a top LT in the game. A hell of a draft pick and had to suffer on some awful Titans teams, but he was really damn good. He got shit because he has a personality and he showed it, people don't like that. But to me that is what made him even better. He he was monster on the field and he's hilarious off it, sucks he couldn't stay healthy and contribute to the team. 

As for the Titans it puts them in a bad spot. Their O line depth isn't great, something named Dennis Daley will probably be the LT going forward, gulp. If this is it for Taylor in the two-toned blue it was a hell of a run. One of the best Titans EVER if you ask me. Shame this is how he may go out. Prayers for the boy on a full recovery for that knee. Big hugs, tiny kisses to 77. 

PS. Best clip ever.