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I Interviewed The Club Promoter That Antonio Brown Told “Hit My Lawyer Bro”, When He Asked Him To Return The $3,250 Deposit For The Show He Didn’t Show Up To

It’s no secret that Antonio Brown is and has been a bad hombre for a while.

Any man who lives in another man’s house, is welcomed in by him and his entire family, (like Tom Brady did a few years ago), and can then turn around and slander that man publicly is just a giant piece of piece.

And that’s the tip of the iceberg with AB.

Which is why not one iota of this Worcester nightclub fiasco should come as a surprise to anybody. Yet it does.

Because Antonio Brown is a sideshow carnival. Like his buddy Kanye, everywhere he goes and everything he does stirs shit up.

So him booking a club performance, to rap, in a random central Massachusetts city like Worcester, at a 200 person club, definitely moved the needle.

Him inevitably no-showing to that performance on Thursday night was so Antonio Brown (and so Worcester) it hurts, but that should have been the end of the story.

But as with just about everything relating to AB, it’s sadly not.

Through a friend of a friend I was able to get in touch with the promoter who coordinated, booked, and paid Antonio Brown for this show. His name is Evan Abbott and he’s founder and CEO of Vodkyte, an alcoholic sports drink.

The following is our unedited text conversation and a picture of the original contract Brown himself signed.

Do you know how big of a scumbag you have to be to tell a kid to go fuck himself when they ask for a deposit back since you didn’t make good on your end of the bargain?

Do you know how sad it is when that deposit is only 3k?

Especially when AB’s most “famous” song is titled “Whole Lotta Money” and is all about how loaded he supposedly is (was).

Evan raises a good point here. Is Antonio Brown broke? Does he need that money so bad he’d rather get his attorney involved than hand it over or Venmo him back?

Turns out AB was in Boston this weekend, and he actually did show up at Hava Nightclub last night to perform. In classic bi-polar nature he shouted out TB12 on the mic.

What a rollercoaster life this guy has.

P.s.- if you don’t think I’ve been on the phone the past 24 hours trying to book this guy you don’t know me