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The MLB Network Guy Creepily Predicted Albert Pujols Would Hit His 700th On A Friday Night In LA... In MID APRIL

Everybody knows this guy

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He's on MLB Network 16-18 hours a day running live programming. Absolute machine. 

His name is Greg Amsinger. It may appear disrespectful but I did not know that was his full name. I recognized Greg. But the Amsinger aspect of it might as well be Sri Lanka from a geography perspective. Sounds familiar but just can't place it for the life of me. 

Anyways Greg was on air back on April 13th when he predicted that Albert would: 

1. Hit 700 career bombs
2. On a Friday night
3. Against the Dodgers
4. In Lost Angeles?? 


Granted the Cardinals were schedule to play the Dodgers on a Friday night in Los Angeles. So you could package up 1-4 above as just your standard run of the mill prediction. But I like to think of it as deeper than that. Guy's named Greg think extra hard and I tend to believe that applies to old Amsigner here. Been listening to him for way too long to believe otherwise. 

Hats off to Albert. 700 is no joke as evidenced by the fact it's been done just 3 times before.