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BYU Had Jimmer Fredette Go Undercover As A Walk-On At Practice Because This Stupid Trend Is Already Annoying

I have nothing against Jimmer. Huge Jimmer guy. I have nothing really against BYU basketball even - except to go back in time and not suspend Brandon Davies for having sex. Jimmer deserved him for that potential run. But come on. Can't we let something just happen once and move on? We're a couple days removed from the Eli Manning - Penn State- Chad Powers thing

Then again it's Penn State and BYU doing this. Very cultish. Can't wait to see Texas A&M next! 

I also don't understand these videos because anyone with a brain that watched these guys play can tell immediately who they are. They have the same shooting/throwing motions. It's not like they changed how the play the game. They still have the same voice. You can only disguise it so much. 

That's why I hope this trend dies. Eli had the hit because Eli is a hitmaker. We don't need every single school and sport doing the same now. Any time someone does something viral you immediately have a million people trying to copy it - without any sense of sarcasm or hyperbole. 

As much as I hate Penn State football, you had your chance with Eli. No more videos from other schools please. I'm begging you. Don't ruin Eli. 

Now let's all sit back and watch Jimmer at BYU because he was must watch. Nothing better than him vs Kawhi late night on some random channel.