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Roger Federer Says Goodbye To Tennis And Now Everyone Is Crying

John Walton - PA Images. Getty Images.

Roger Federer's career is over. Him and Rafael Nadal just lost to Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe in a doubles match at the Laver Cup to put a bookend on his career. The match itself couldn't mean any less, but the ceremony afterwards? Top 5 saddest I've ever been. I wanted to look away so many times, but I couldn't. Whether it was Federer embracing his teammates, Nadal sobbing, the crowd, his family, it was all just so fucking sad. It's never easy seeing generational icons step away for the final time and Federer made sure to keep that trend going. My god that was brutal. Everyone and I mean everyone was crying including this guy right here typing this blog.


And of course his speech. This fucking speech. If I ever  need to cry in the future I'm just gonna watch this speech. Talk about tugging on your heart strings. 

Thank you Roger Federer, enjoy the hell out of retirement