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Parenting Hack: If You Want To Save Some Money On A Trip To Disney, Simply Smuggle Your 7-Year-Old In A Stroller Looking Like A Baby

Hey Mickey, not so fun when someone is robbing you, huh? 

I'm not a really big fan of stealing. I never went through a phase of shoplifting at the mall like a lot of kids did and would never dream of taking something that wasn't mine from another person. I am still mad at my mom til this day that she refused to let us have a black box to get all the channels and PPVs, which caused me to spend my teenage years in the early internet days to deal with the hormones racing through my body by watching this.

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However, things are different when you are dealing with a gigantic corporation that has raised their already sky high ticket prices TWICE over the last two years as the entire economy has gone to shit. 

Which is why I love this move. The Mouse knows he has parents by the short hairs because no matter what the prices are, you pretty much are on the hook for giving your kid one Disney vacation at some point of your kids' childhoods. I have a trip to Disney coming in April that is going to cost me multiple mortgage payments to spend a week in Orlando. I know the lines are going to be long, the food is going to be mid, and the tensions in my family will be high the entire time. Despite all that, I am still on the hook since my idiot parent brain only cares about my kids having a once in a lifetime experience in exchange for a good chunk of their college tuition.

Which takes me to my point. Disney can keep pumping out movies, new rides, and even massive Star Wars lands that my boss somehow completely misses. However we are going to do whatever we can to save a buck so we are able to afford a flight back home. Maybe we'll smuggle in a meal. Maybe we'll smuggle in a child child as a baby. Maybe we'll smuggle in three children in as one adult under a trenchcoat.

Disney can respond by patting down every single item and person as they walk through the gates. But all that's going to lead to is more upset people in the already overcrowded lines entering each park. Thehe more Disney tightens their grips on our wallets, the more dollars will slip through their fingers. Wait, I actually remember someone saying this to someone else.

Yup, that's the perfect comparison for Disney these days and not just because they own Star Wars.

Anyway, we talked about how to save money and sanity during your Disney trip on last week's Podfathers for anybody else stuck in the same predicament as my poor as is.