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Mormon Mom Was Forced to Choose Between Her Faith and Her OnlyFans. She Went with the One That Pays $45K a Month.

Meet Holly Jane. Self-described in her bio as "content creator, model, mom." And in an interview as "a Mormon mistress," ministering to others looking for salvation through having virtual sex with her for a fee.

Far be it for me to disparage anyone's religious faith. What I know about the Mormons is pretty much limited to what I learned that time I saw Book of Mormon. Joseph Smith was visited by an angel who told him there's a third book of the Bible on gold plates buried in his backyard that he was expected to transcribe onto normal paper and share with the world. Ancient Jews built boats and sailed to America. The Garden of Eden was in Jackson County, Missouri. When Mormons die God gives them their own planet to live on. You know, the usual. 

And from my very Catholic Irish Rose who grew up in Belmont, MA, the very Mormon suburb of Boston where Mitt Romney was a neighbor, I learned that while her Mormon high school classmates didn't drink, they knew how to break rules and have a good time could still party you under the table with their water and fruit juices. 

What I didn't know until I heard Holly Jane's story is that the Church of Latter Day Saints frowns on its members having virtual sex for a fee:

Source - A mom-of-four who was 'shunned' by her church after they discovered her OnlyFans account is cashing in as a 'Mormon mistress' on the site — claiming married Mormon fans are paying for virtual sex. 

Holly Jane, 39, from California, has been part of the religious group for years, which has very strict rules, including no alcohol, tobacco, vulgar language, or sex outside of marriage.

However, the single mom, who has over 61,300 followers on Instagram, claims the restrictions don't stand in the way of her lucrative OnlyFans career, which makes her $45,000 per month.  

But the OnlyFans model has insisted that she has no plans to stop, though she admitted the demands of being an object of sexual desire are tiring her out. 

'I'm knackered. I'm having virtual sex with these men at least three times a day,' Holly told NudePR.com. 

She believes she is popular with religious men, particularly Mormons, because they are naïve about sex before they get married. ...

'There are also non-religious people who view being a Mormon as a kink or a fetish. I'm their own online mistress,' she added. ...'I'm the "Mormon mistress" dream.

Well alright then. "Mormon as a kink or a fetish" is a new one on me, but I suppose it's got to be one of the most wholesome ones out there. I mean, I grew up with Marie Osmond on TV constantly. Miss Utah is always a shoe-in for the finals in every pageant. And BYU cheer squads are always among the NCAA's best. So who could have a problem with lonely, unsatisfied men turning to a hot, LDS MILF to fulfill their sexual and spiritual needs. 

It's just a (pardon my curse word, Holly) damned shame she had to choose between her church and her side hustle. Sure, it's lucrative. But as the Good Book says, "For what shall it profit a [wo]man, if [s]he shall gain the whole world, and lose his [her] own soul?" You'd think a faith that had to be dragged kicking and screaming all the way to the Supreme Court to ban polygamy and still seems to pretty much gives it a wink and a nod (and sometimes TV shows) would be pretty laid back about a 39 year old mom flicking the bean on webcam for money, just as long as she doesn't cheat on her husband. Or drink wine or coffee. But as the lyrics of Trey Parker and Matt Stone put it, "That's sort of what God was going for," I guess.

Hopefully Holly Jane can continue doing the work she seems to truly love. Spreading Joseph Smith's word and her thighs. So that everyone wins. She who saves one naive, awkward virgin on his wedding night saves the world entire.