Matt Barnes Hopped On Instagram To Backtrack His Initial Comments On Ime Udoka And Suggests That Things Are MUCH Worse Than Initially Reported

Now, this isn't exactly something you see every day, especially from the "media". As more and more time goes by we're starting to learn that this story surrounding Ime Udoka is much bigger and much worse than what was initially reported. 

Simple logic told you it made no sense that if we were to take Woj at his word that things were truly consensual that it would be bad enough to suspend Ime for a year, but not bad enough to fire him immediately. That didn't add up. Of course, many people didn't wait for more information before forming an opinion, because that's not how the world works in 2022. We're all trained to believe Woj/Shams at their word whenever they release stuff because they're plugged in and we're not. But after listening to the Celtics press conference this morning and now this video from Matt Barnes, you can kind of guess where the initial leaks came from. 

It made no sense for the team to leak that there was a consensual relationship given what their punishment ended up being and then how they were talking today. So, did Woj run with something without verifying it with the team? That's something we'll never know. But when you have Shams reporting new information late last night that contradicts the initial report and then you add it to everything we've heard today, something feels fishy about that entire process.

In terms of what Matt Barnes said in this video, if it truly is as bad as he's eluding to, Ime's tenure as head coach of the Boston Celtics is for sure over. The suspension is most likely a way for them to buy more time to figure out a separation. We may never hear the actual details of what Barnes is referring to, but it's not like we have a right to know. We just all want to know because we love gossip. It's pretty clear the team reacting as seriously as they are is warranted. Here's his initial take

I give Barnes credit for owning up to what he initially said, admitting he didn't have all the details, and now that he does he wanted to correct it. That's something media could use more of to be honest. Now, all we can do is assume he was told the truth which might not be the case, but if it was bad enough that he felt he had to put out that video, there's probably some truth to what he was told on some level. 

This is why however mad you are about this and what it means for the team, there's one person to blame and that's Ime. He made this choice. His actions got us here and potentially put the season in jeopardy. My guess is over time more stuff will come out if it's truly as bad as Barnes suggests. I wouldn't exactly say that the Celts presser today acted as some sort of end result of this ordeal, if anything it feels like we're just getting started.