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I Think Jacoby Brissett Has Announced Himself As The Heir To Ryan Fitzpatrick's Throne

I felt like last night was a big #ChiefWasRight moment. I've always thought Jacoby Brissett was a serviceable quarterback. Not a franchise guy, but much better than your run of the mill perennial backup guys like Chase Daniel or Nathan Peterman or Brian Hoyer or Mike Glennon. The worst thing about those four backups is that they all received paychecks from the Chicago Bears. Sadly, and against my suggestions, Jacoby Brissett never did

Brissett is the perfect guy while you're trying to find the right guy. That's always what Ryan Fitzpatrick was. A stable pony for some hyper talented kid. Then when that overrated kid eventually flames out or gets hurt Fitzpatrick was able to come in and do just enough to get himself another chance and another paycheck to do the exact same thing somewhere else. Brissett is now that guy. He was the running mate for Tua last year. Now he's shepherding the Browns' season to a winning record until their pervy starting QB comes back from thinking about what he did. 

It feels good to finally get one right and Brissett being better than Dalton means I got one. Smart guy, takes care of the ball, gets it out on time, and can even convert a QB sneak. I would kill to have that level of competence at QB in Chicago. Brissett highlighting all of those things in primetime last night against a division rival set himself up for the good life and probably 4-5 more contracts and destinations because when NFL GMs and coaches are sitting around slamming coffee and biting their fingernails about their QB play in the upcoming season someone is going to remember Jacoby's run here

What do you get when you sign Jacoby? A human adult male

He may not be "the guy" but he is a man. Something you can't say about a lot of QBs. Something Cleveland fans will be calling into the radio to say when Deshaun Watson comes in and struggles initially after having spent well over a year away from playing football. Jacoby and his agent will just be sitting there and smiling because they know he's now the new Ryan Fitzpatrick.