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Watch George W. Bush Hit Our Beloved Trent With A Brutal Handshake Denial

Trent is one of the nicest guys we have here. He's also a king at nailing the handshake/high five

But this is as brutal as it comes. It starts with George W. saying he's Frankie's camera man. That was step 1. I'm not blaming Frankie because he's getting the picture but you gotta do a pal a solid here. Tell W he's also a luggage guy, not just a camera man roaming about Quail Hollow. 

Then it happens.

Trent goes for the handshake. 

It happens again.

I lost it with the second hand reach. Trent had no option to say 'oh yeah' again. I couldn't believe it. 

It might even be worse than Tommy getting denied daps by Blake Griffin

Third time is the charm though. Perseverance pays off. 

At least the US is currently up 4-1-0 on a day we tend to lose in Presidents Cup.