I Can't Stop Watching This 137 MPH Throw From Aaron Judge To Nail Tommy Pham In The 9th

I don't know how deserving this is within the Yankee universe of it's own blog. If you're a Yankees fan then this is probably pretty routine at this point. But for those of us outside New York, we're still very much getting accustomed to the fact that Aaron Judge is a demigod. Even though he's been great for a long time in the biggest market in existence. It still seems like he's raising awareness of his excellence with compound interest. At some point you expect there to be any kind of leveling but no. Here's a goddamn ROCKET from the warning track. Even if it's a short warning track. The eye test tells me he's a couple offseason squat thrusts away from breaking the sound barrier. Clemente was rumored to do it back in '56 but that was 66 years ago. Aaron Judge could be the next based on these fundamentals alone.

Playing the hop is one thing, but the footwork into picking up his target is just goddamn perfect. I mean quite literally the type of action that makes a scout cum his khakis from behind home plate. He's already typing up the report. HAVENT SEEN IT SINCE CLEMENTE IN 56.

Am I overreacting to what a lot of haters would call a routine play? Probably not because those guys are stupid. The fact Judge makes this look routine is what makes him such a world class major league player. And that's before I show you his September statistics: 

I said it earlier this week but just imagine the storyline if he keeps this rolling into October and singlehandedly wins the Yankees a World Series. Of all the great Yankee players in my life. Of all their moments and bullshit and glory. Aaron Judge in 2022 would bury it conclusively and then repay the rest of the world by leaving the Yankees in the dust. He's earned the right but for now there's more damage to do in pinstripes starting tonight on Apple+ 

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