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Nelly and Lil Wayne Hopped On An Instagram Live Last Night To Roll Blunts And Shoot The Shit About Fantasy Football

Talk about a fever dream from the 2000s right here. Two of the biggest musical stars from that decade just casually going split screen on Instagram live last night. 

Nelly throwing on one of those Instagram whore filters and Lil Wayne calling him out on it, while rolling a blunt, was great. I maintain Lil Wayne has got to be one of the most unintentionally funny people/aliens around. 

When they got to the subject of fantasy football Wayne's ears perked up and he couldn't have been more interested in the conversation.

Can you imagine being in a random public league on ESPN or Yahoo and Lil Wayne being in it? Playing head-to-head with him this week?

I can only imagine how many teams Weezy must have too. If you're playing in random ESPN leagues with people you don't even know, that's when you know it's not about the money, or the prestige, or the bragging rights. It's about the love of the game. I'd estimate Lil Wayne is in 60-70 leagues give or take 20 or so. He probably has 3 separate phones just to manage teams on and nothing else. Guy is a sports maniac. 

And speaking of sports, Nelly claimed that country music has the best athletes in the music industry

Talk about something that would be incredible to see.

Dave and I were talking earlier this year when the baseball season looked like it might have been locked out for a few months about bringing Rock n Jock back. It was the freaking best back in the day, both softball and basketball, and it sucks MTV phased it out. Can you imagine if Barstool could bring a version of it back? Might have to make doing that my EOS rock for 2023. 

p.s. - Last week marked the anniversary of Nelly's clever dual-single album release "Sweat" and "Suit".

An unreal marketing move. Back in the day everybody used to do "double albums". But nobody did the double single album before.

Giphy Images.

And man were there some heaters on them-

p.p.s. - Nelly telling Lil Wayne they need to get his boy Skip Bayliss in their league is wild. Lil Wayne knowing Skip's day-to-day schedule, being in regular contact with him, and betting heads up with him is even more wild. Talk about street cred for Skip.

p.p.p.s. - Denverado Broncolos is an A+ fantasy team name.