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International Team Phenom Tom Kim Can't Stop Won't Stop Ripping His Pants At The Presidents Cup

Dude just cannot stop rippin. Buddy is on pair 3 of trousers this week. As I'm typing this NBC is beating this fact into the ground rendering this blog potentially meaningless, but I'm letting it rip anyway.

The irony here is that Joohyung Kim goes by "Tom" because he was such a big Thomas The Tank Engine fan back in the day. But ladies and gents, it's Tom's caboose that's got him trouble this week. Just a little tush joke for the people out there. Grabass if you will.

All jokes aside, Tom Kim is proving to be the fucking man this week. 20 years old, youngest guy in this field, and he's not afraid of the moment whatsoever. Even though he lost a tight match against a much more talented team yesterday, he made this huge putt to extend the match and gave it a real healthy fist pump

And Tom getting the crowd going this morning on the 1st tee was some awesome shit.

Obviously I wish the worst for his team this week, but Tom Kim is earning a ton of fans out at Quail Hollow