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Teddy Bridgewater Went To His Old High School Last Night And Started Drawing Up Plays For The Football Team....And Lost

This is actually one of the cooler things I have seen in awhile. I feel like a lot of NFL players or professional athletes think they are too cool to go back to their high school and do this kind of stuff. He didn't announce he was doing it for publicity he just went back there and started drawing up plays for the team mid game. 

If I was the other team I would put this game under protest. You think you are game planning all week for some shmuck that is a history teacher who thinks he knows football and all of a sudden you have Teddy Bridgewater tearing apart your defense. That is basically cheating having him come in and give off some sick plays. It also could backfire on the team because imagine being a high school and Teddy starts just drawing up the craziest plays and then the QB trying to remember everything, and it becomes an absolute disaster. Here is the play he drew up. 

It turns out that Teddy should never be a coach because this play and his 2nd half heroics as a coach didn't work out because the team lost last night 23-19. It is cool for Teddy to do this for his old high school but I think he made them lose the game. Those players were probably so excited to meet him rightfully so but probably distracted them as well. At first I thought he would be a cheat code but the team lost and they are one of the best high schools in Miami. At least the coach has an excuse saying it was Teddy's fault and you cant count that loss against his record. 

I have to be completely honest though, that looks like a generic play where the running back does a shark wheel and the wide receiver do the easiest routes of all time. I think this ruined every opportunity for Teddy to be a head coach one day.