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The Carolina Panthers Have Been Tipping Their Plays The Last Two Games And It's Not Baker Mayfield's Fault

If you see this video as a Carolina Panthers fan you need to be absolutely irate. You are at the highest level of football how is this even a thing that is happening over two games. It is the most simple thing of all time too. All it is, is if Christian McCaffrey lines up behind Baker it is a designed run. If McCaffrey is lined up hip to hip with Baker it is going to be a throw. Every defensive coordinator is going to be able to pick up on that and I am a Giants fan, they made the Giants defense look like nobody in the world can score on them last week. 

You know the guy calling those plays? Giants fans certainly do!

Uncredited. Shutterstock Images.

I actually think this is an immediate fire if you see this as a GM. I don't know why GMs don't do this more often, shake up an organization that can't figure out the basics on an offense. All people want to do is shit on Baker Mayfield and it is just completely on the coaching staff.

You gave Baker an awful offensive line, a coach that is showing the plays to the defense pre snap and he still has only lost by 5 combined points in two games. If he had a competent coaching staff this team would probably be off to a 2-0 start with an MVP candidate at the QB position.  

In all seriousness though that is a pewee football fuck up. If you have Dan Orlosvky, who ran out of the end of the end zone safetying himself as a player, figuring this out breaking down film anybody you are going to play can figure it out. Baker went from a shit franchise to another pile of shit franchise. I would watch out though now that they have figured out why the run would never be working or why the pass wasn't working, Baker is going to wake up Dangerous on Sunday and beat the Saints.