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Fuck All Those Billionaires Pat Listed Earlier - Jimmy Eat World Wants To Buy The Suns And It Needs To Happen

Earlier today Pat blogged this list: 

To which I say fuck that. Get that Jeff Bezos robot out of the NBA. You know what we really need? Jimmy Eat World. The band who gave us this all-time song

Not to mention they have an awesome plan if they own the team: 

Yep. Jimmy Eat World and Charles Barkley getting Chris Paul over the hump. Both CP3 and Chuck can get their rings. Way better than some billionaire or these nerds

If Arizona truly believed in the Suns they'd get every single person to pitch in and help it happen. You don't need rich dudes. You need guys who love the team and the sport. Plus Jimmy Eat World as owners would just be fucking hilariously awesome. We don't need rich stiffs. We need these guys.