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Paddy The Baddy Talks Fighting 10 Marines at the Same Time And How He'd Fair Against Heavyweight Champ Francis Ngannou

I'll say it. I love Paddy. Love him. He's a world-class jujitsu guy who is one of the fastest-rising stars in MMA while also just being one of the lads. In our chat with Paddy, he talks about fame, the fights, the weight gains, fighting with Marines, his friend's suicide, and the example that he wants to be for youth like him. 

We'd occasionally have MMA guys come through to train when I was in. Rolling with dudes like Ken Shamrock, Randy the Natural, Chuck, and Rampage Jackson was like a dream. It was a nice little slice of humble pie to a cocky group of Marines. Anytime you were getting too big for your britches, someone with actual skill rolled through and put you on your ass and we absolutely loved it. I'm sure the Marines Paddy trained with felt the exact same way and it was obvious he loved it as well.