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Today's Dogshit, Terrible, Sorry Ass USMNT Performance Showed Every Single Thing That's Wrong With Gregg Berhalter's Decisions

What a garbage showing. I don't even know where to start besides the biggest complaint I had with this friendly window. Gregg refusing to bring 2 of the most in form 9s we have. It cost us a goal because Jesus Ferreria isn't the answer. He's just not. He's a fine player. He's an MLS player who had one awesome match against Grenada and can't be our starting 9. You can't miss this: 

He couldn't even put it on fucking net. That's pathetic. That's why he's not a starting 9. It's why he shouldn't have been on this window. The 3 guys who deserved a shot at the 9 in this window were simple. Jordan Pefok, Brandon Vazquez and Josh Sargent. We know who Ferreria already is. We know a bit of who Pepi is, at least Pepi's already had a chance. Instead we play Ferreria who blows a simple, simple shot 10 minutes in. It's a joke. 

Then there's Aaron Long. Stop it with him. We started him in the centerback with Zimmerman. Can't have that. I'm *fine* with Zimmerman in the sense that I think he's at least decent enough back there and stability with our back 4. But it's gotta be Richards or CCV. No other options really to play there. It cost us too. 

I'm not even anti-MLS. You just can't play these MLS guys who aren't better than the other options. Aaron Long can't play at this level. No offense, it's just who he is. We had no spacing. We had pointless turnovers and bad turnovers. 

And, hey, to be fair we didn't have our true starting XI. We didn't have Pulisic, Weah, Musah and Antonee Robinson. But that's no excuse for this sort of showing. It's where Gregg needs to realize who our depth is. It's where our players need to show up and not be this out of sync. 

The only positive?

Matt Turner is our No. 1 GK and he's damn good. 

Cross that off the list. He's our starting GK. That's not a question or a debate. 

There's just no other way to put it. It was a dogshit showing from a team that needs to figure it out fast. It starts with the back 4 and up top. And while players need to show up and perform, this is also on Gregg. It shows his reliance on MLS players and not taking guys who make sense. Again, if someone can explain how Pefok and/or Vazquez aren't playing in these two friendlies go ahead.

Get healthy, get our starting XI figured out - with no Aaron fucking Long - and beat Saudi Arabia on Tuesday. 

PS: These jerseys truly did stink. How did Nike fuck it up so bad?