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Worst Beat Of All Time: Chase Claypool Lost 6 Yards On The Final Play Of Last Night's Game That Caused Him To Go Under His Receiving Yards Prop By 0.5 Yards

This is the worst bad beat of all time, hands down. I've watched this play 100 times and I still can't figure out how the statistician decided the result of this play was Chase Claypool losing 6 receiving yards. In fact, I'm calling bullshit. The official stat keeper was on Claypool under 35.5 yards and there's simply no other explanation.

First of all, are we all on the same page that the play started from the 4 yard line??? How can you lose 6 yards on a play that starts on the 4 yard line? 

Second of all, Chase Claypool neither caught the original ball, nor had the ball last. How can you lose receiving yards without getting a reception? 

Third, wouldn't it be rushing yards after the lateral? Again, CLAYPOOL DIDN'T CATCH THE PASS. If you're going to quote the rulebook to me in the comments, save it. There's a problem with the rulebook then, not me.

Fourth, how does Najee Harris get the fumble but Claypool loses the yards? Something fishy is going on here. And the amount of +1000, +2000, and up to +5000 parlays that I'm seeing circulating around the internet that lost on this final play is flat out disgusting. Thoughts and prayers out there to those positing Teasers, Alternate Spreads, and Alternate Over/Unders, but those beats are basically feel good stories compared to this.