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Nobody Has Instantly Regretted A Decision More Than This Virginia Tech Fan After Flipping The Double Bird Heading Into Commercial Break

First and foremost, I just want to say that if this kid's parents are reading this blog right now--you've raised a heckuva kid. If you're a future employer of this kid right here, make the hire immediately and you'll never regret it. 

Sports turn us all into crazy people. Think about how sick in the head we all are about our favorite sports teams. And when you're at the game in person? Well nothing you do there should be held against you. Because the game just takes over your body and at that point, you aren't you anymore. You are the most unhinged version of yourself. So the fact that this fella was able to immediately snap back to his regular human self after the unhinged fan took over his body?

Well that just tells me that there's way more good than unhinged evil in this young man. 

With that being said….that was fucking hilarious. Poor kid completely forgot he was sitting with his parents for this game and not in the student section. When that camera pans over to your section before a commercial break, you can't help it. We see it happen all the time. But very rarely do we ever get a chance to see what immediate regret looks like. The precise moment when somebody realizes they just fucked up. 

It was at this precise moment that brother man realize he fucked up. You can feel the shame and guilt wash over his body as he slinks back into his seat. My man felt the entire spectrum of emotions over the span of 3 seconds. Sports, man. There's not a single drug on the planet quite like them.