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Steve Smith Sr. Was Ready To Lay Out Steelers Defenders Who Were Invading His Personal Space Prior To TNF Kickoff

"I tell you what, if one of these boys hit me while I ain't in a uniform they will not be playing tonight!"

Steve Smith Sr. was side-eyeing the shit out of these young bloods, fully prepared to square them up even in his dapper-ass suit. The competitive fire still burns in Agent 89 and I sure as hell would not tread on him.

Now enjoying a successful media career, the longtime Carolina Panthers wide receiver who wrapped the last three years of his excellent career in Baltimore knows all about the physicality of the AFC North division. Perhaps he could've taught the Steelers a thing or two on Thursday if he'd jumped in for an Oklahoma drill before kickoff, because Pittsburgh got pounded for 171 yards rushing in a 29-17 loss.

That final score isn't as indicative of the final outcome because the dumbass Steelers tried to lateral near their own end zone for a miraculous victory and totally ruined my night, as the Browns scored a defensive touchdown with zero seconds on the clock.

Oh, and did I mention Pittsburgh has Mitch Trubisky as their quarterback? So yeah...the Steelers D was stuck on the field for over THIRTY-SIX MINUTES. That'll happen when Trubisky strings together three consecutive three-and-outs in the second half.

ANYWAY Steve Smith would actually fit in nicely with this youthful Pittsburgh receiving corps of Chase Claypool, Diontae Johnson and George Pickens. All three of them have mercurial personalities like Smith did as a player...and still evidently does. 

If Smith were on this Steelers squad, he'd be sparking a full-fledged mutiny against Trubisky at this point. Or who knows, maybe the elder pass-catching statesman went on a postgame tirade at Mike Tomlin to talk some sense into him. Alas, I think Tomlin is too busy working on his thousand-yard stare most of the time to even entertain constructive criticism.

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