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The Browns Ran All Over The Steelers And Right Into First Place In The AFC North

Nick Chubb: 23 carries, 114 yards, 1 TD

Kareem Hunt: 12 carries, 47 yards

Jacoby Brissett: 3 QB sneaks for 1,000,000 yards


Folks, the fact of the matter is that we just made it through Murderer's Row (Baker, Flacco, Trubisky) at 2-1. It would've been nice to hold a 13 point lead with 1:22 left in the game last week vs. the Jets, but I'm sort of glad we didn't. The city of Cleveland would probably be burning down right now if we just beat the Steelers on National Internet to move to 3-0. Instead, we are confident yet hungry.

In our quest to be 6-5 when Deshaun Watson returns to hang a 50 burger on the Texans in game #12, we now have 2 wins. And we have 10 days to prepare for perhaps the biggest game in franchise history, at the Atlanta Falcons next Sunday. If the Browns win that game, which they should, we will be 3-1 and only need to find 3 wins over the next 7 games to still be right in the middle of both the divisional and wild card races when QB1 returns. 

But that's enough Watson talk for now. There will be plenty of time for that in the week between the AFC Championship and the Super Bowl. The talk right now should be about how Jacoby Brissett is the #1 ranked QB2 in the game and the #1 ranked QB sneaker in world history. Another incredibly efficient night for him going 21 for 31, 220 yards, 2 TD, and 0 INTs, but what impresses me most is his uncanny ability to get a thousand yards on every QB sneak. Analytics tell me he is now 28 for 30 getting the 1st down on sneaks. I personally think we should just sneak it every single play, but I guess running Chubb and Hunt works as well. The best 3 headed running game monster the NFL has ever seen.

I'm not sure why we even pass. Then again, the Cowboys gave us Amari Cooper for free and all he's done in each of the last two games is go over 100 yards and catch a TD. And how about David Njoku?? If those two are going to play like that, I'm not sure why we would ever run the ball!

As for the Steelers, that team STINKS. Legit might go 3-14. But I don't think that's all that bad for them, because they need a QB. If you think Kenny Pickett is the answer then I've got a Nigerian prince who will send you a large sum of money if you can just give him an upfront payment. That team needs CJ Stroud and they need him bad. If I'm the Steelers, instead of trying our best and finishing 3-14, I throw in the towel and guarantee the #1 pick with a modest 1-16 season. Just my opinion.

My other opinion is that #76 on the Steelers needs to be fined, jailed, and possibly murdered. What is this????

Anthony Walker had to be carted off the field after this. But who could imagine walking off on their own power after that fatso jumped on him? Disgusting. Then again, he's coached by Trippin Mike Tomlin. Everyone's dirty in Pittsburgh, literally.

Anyways, I can't wait to watch the NFL on Sunday and start scouting. Our Browns are legit playoff contenders, and I'm pretty sure we're going to win the division. Let us hope that the Bengals find a way to beat the Jets (very good 4th quarter team) this Sunday because I would hate to declare the AFC North a two horse race after just 3 weeks.

My God it's so much more fun to win. Oh, and the Guardians just swept the White Sox. First in the AFC North. First in the AL Central. What a time to be from Cleveland.

**Thoughts and prayers to anyone that the last play affected with the Over, Spread, and/or Teasers